What We Do…

Discover how College Planning Solutions® can help guide your family through the complex college planning process through any array of services such as:

  1.  Self & Career Assessments tools – career video’s & salary information by state & profession
  2.  Utilize online tools to help guide the academic college search/selection process
  3.  Keys to Preparing a College Resume
  4.  Provide advice on the students high school transcript and course selection
  5.  Determining the best Student/College fit
  6.  Assist in making the final college selection
  7.  Determine which schools offer need based vs merit based aid
  8.  Calculate if you should retake the ACT/SAT exam
  9.  College by College “True net Cost” Analysis
  10.  Analysis of Award Letters
  11.  Professional Judgement Assistance
  12.  Contingency Planning for Higher Education expenses
  13.  Explain how student positioning can improve your aid package.
  14.  Develop alternative funding options to Need Based Aid reducing the net cost of college.
  15. Explain the various Student/Parent Loan Programs.
  16. Formulate a funding plan minimizing the impact on your current lifestyle.

** If we fail to fulfill our commitment to you, you are entitled to a 100% refund **