What We Do…



Discover How College Planning Solutions® can help guide your family through the complex college planning process through any array of services such as:


Online tools to help guide the College Search/Selection process:

  • Self & Career Assessments tools including career video’s & salary information by state & profession
  • Keys to Preparing a College Resume
  • Determining the best Student/College fit
  • Assist in making the final college selection

College Funding Solutions:

  • Determine which schools offer need based vs merit based aid
  • Calculate your Expected Family Contribution
  • College by College “True Cost” Analysis
  • Assistance with the completion of the FAFSA and CSS/Profile
  • Analysis of Award Letters
  • Professional Judgement Assistance
  • Contingency Planning for Higher Education expenses

Other Planning Opportunities:

  • Show you how to present your child to a school to improve your aid package
  • Develop alternative funding options to Need Based Aid reducing the net cost of college
  • Evaluate and construct a Student/Parent Loan Program
  • Formulate a funding plan minimizing the impact on your current lifestyle



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