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The two biggest mistakes we see families consistently make are:

1) Not completing the various financial aid forms (or if they do, they make mistakes disqualifying the family from receiving need based aid) and;

2) Not taking the time to do adequate career planning prior to the end of the students junior year.

Most parents come to us during the second semester of the students junior year and our data reflects students have spent less than 5 hours researching career choices, salary expectations, and future job outlook information published by the Department of Labor. Career Planning is the logical first step in the college planning process because the research helps guide the student to possible career choices and the schools that offer the best programs leading to the degree.

But all to often we see students struggle during the second half of the junior year trying to do well in their academics, remain active in their extra curricular activities, hold down a job, do well on the SAT’s or ACT’s, formulate a list of schools to apply to, and figure out what career they would like to enter into for the rest of their life.

Remember, college is merely the ticket the student will use to get them where they want to go in life. And as my parents once said, “When you enjoy what you do, it’s not called work”. That’s why our clients use our in depth Career Planning tools to assist them in the process which minimizes the need for transferring schools in the first year. One in four students transfers schools in the first year. The reason: The students are not spending enough time on their career planning.

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